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Global Stewards - Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living

What a Beautiful World it Would Be!

Countries reaching toward our highest potential - what a beautiful world It would be if we all joined them!

What a Beautiful World It Would Be!

What if all nations...

  • Like Costa Rica, ran on almost 100% renewable energy
  • Like France, banned grocery stores from tossing edible foods
  • Like Germany, offered free college tuition
  • Like Liechtenstein, grew organic produce on over 35% of farmland
  • Like Kenya, completely banned plastic bags
  • Like New Zealand, banned microbeads in personal care & cleaning products
  • Like Slovenia, made access to clean drinking water a constitutional right
  • Like Norway, offered free, high-quality heathcare
  • Like Bhutan, prioritized a Gross National Happiness Index over GDP
  • Like Iceland, actively enforced equal pay for equal work
  • Like Austria, created strong animal welfare laws
  • Like Venezuela, protected over 50% of total land area
  • Like Sweden, sent only 1% of household waste to landfills
  • Like France, banned plastic cups, plates, cutlery, and bags
  • Like Bangladesh, only ate 4kg of meat per person per year
  • Like the Netherlands, made over 25% of all trips on bicycles
  • Like Algeria, banned the cultivation and import of GM foods

What a beautiful world it would be!