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Global Stewards - Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living

Directories for Green Businesses, Products and Services

  1. Green-E Certified Companies: Renewable Energy Providers and Carbon Offset Companies

  2. Green Energy Suppliers: Green-e (U.S. and Canada)

  3. Energy Efficient Appliances: Energy-efficient (Energy Star) products (U.S.)Green World Rising

  4. Greener Electronic Companies: EPEAT and the EPA

  5. Water Saving Products: Products that save water and protect the environment (WaterSense) (U.S.)

  6. Green Certified Products: Green Seal

  7. Green Company Listings: National Green Pages

  8. Cruelty-Free Companies: Companies That Don't Test on Animals

  9. Fair Trade Products:

  10. Natural Home and Personal Care Products: SkinDeep: Cosmetic Safety Database and Think Dirty Verified Brands

  11. Locally-Grown Food: LocalHarvest (U.S.) and EatWell (U.S. and Canada)

  12. Vegan Restuarants/Stores: HappyCow and VegGuide

  13. Health Food Stores: Listed in Yelp

  14. Healthy Food Products: Food Scores

  15. Shade Grown Coffee: Bird-friendly (shade grown) coffee

  16. Low-Carbon Food: Food's Carbon Footprint and Eat Low Carbon

  17. Green Hotels: TripAdvisor (when searching, click on 'Green' in the 'Styles' menu option) and the Green Hotels Association

  18. Car Sharing: Car sharing organizations

  19. Green Vehicles: Green vehicles (U.S. directory)