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Where to Donate Computers and Electronics in the Bay Area

List of Bay Area, California organizations where you can donate used computers and electronics.

Also, check listings at:

If you are replacing your equipment, consider buying refurbished equipment whenever possible (check company websites or search for refurbished products at online stores such as Amazon). If you are buying new, the EPA provides Greener Electronics information.
(Please Note: Global Stewards does not accept donations).

If you live in Marin County, you can purchase good used computer equipment with a 90 day warranty at Renew Computers, 446 DuBois Street in San Rafael. Call first to confirm they have what you're looking for: (415) 457-8801.

eWasteCollective will recycle anything that you can plug into a power outlet. This includes your computer, VCR, television, copy machine, and even your microwave and toaster, but not your large appliances such as a washing machine or refrigerator. You will receive a tax write-off for computer donations. They will attempt to fix your equipment and then donate it to someone who cannot afford to buy a computer. If it cannot be reused, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
City: Novato, CA or Berkeley, CA
Phone: (415) 883-1428

Computer Recycling Center (CRC)
Computer Recycling Center (CRC), founded in 1991 is, the oldest continuously operating full-service collection, reuse, and refurbishment program in the U.S.A. Working with businesses and municipalities, CRC's participation in collection and drop-off programs diverted millions of pounds of computer equipment from landfills last year. Reuse of entire units is given highest priority, followed by disassembly for reuse of parts, and finally recycling for the elements of unusable remaining items. CRC now has three locations in Northern CA.
Cities: Sunnyvale, Santa Rosa, or San Francisco, CA
Phone: (888) 887-3372

Goodwill Industries RECONNECT Program
RECONNECT is a comprehensive electronics recovery, reuse and environmentally responsible recycling opportunity for consumers in participating communities. RECONNECT offers FREE drop-off recycling and reuse options for unwanted electronics. Goodwill Industries and Dell partnered to create RECONNECT, a free program for consumers to reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted electronics. Simply bring in your donation to your participating local Goodwill store or Goodwill donation drop-off site. Proceeds from resale value of donations will be returned to Goodwill Industries to support their mission of creating job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment.
Locate a Participating Goodwill: Listings

Menlo-Atherton High School PTA Computer Donation Program
 We refurbish old computer equipment for Menlo-Atherton students who do not have access to a computer at home. Since the program started in 1999, the M-A High PTA has supplied over 10,000 computers to deserving students at our local public high schools plus many other electronic donations.
Contact: Sue Kayton
(650) 853-1711

Tech Exchange (formerly Oakland Technology Exchange West)
​Tech Exchange is a nonprofit project fiscally sponsored by the Oakland Public Education Fund. Tech Exchange is dedicated to providing digital equity to all East Bay residents. We employ an environmentally sustainable, re-use model by refurbishing donated computers and providing them to families, schools and community organizations. Over the last 20 years, we have distributed 40,000 computers to our community and diverted over 700 tons of e-waste from landfills. We provide low-cost computers to individuals and organizations, and free computers and services to eligible East Bay families.
in the process of moving - please visit website or call for current location
City: Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 893-4822
Email: Contact page
Web Site:

Renew Computers
Renew Computers has two warehouse facilities centrally located near downtown San Rafael where computers are collected, sorted, and properly recycled. Computers are received on a daily basis from individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.
Much of what they receive is of high quality. This allows them to make good use of a product that would otherwise go to landfill or be scrapped. They have a staff of qualified technicians that work hard to bring these computers back to a re-useable state where they can then be recycled back to the community as reliable working systems. In 2011 Renew Computers re-used or recycled more than 750,000 pounds of electronic waste.
Street: 446 DuBois Street
City: San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 457-8801

Silicon Valley Chapter of The World Computer Exchange
The World Computer Exchange is the largest US 501(c)(3) non-profit provider of reused computers to youth in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. What they do is collect old computers that are still in working order, refurbish them and ship them to schools and children's groups in developing countries. During the refurbishment process they load educational software that covers subjects such as math, science, and history, as well as topics such as water sanitation and agricultural skills.
City: San Jose,CA
Contact: Tran Nguyen
Phone:(408) 912-6739

Source: Peter Kilkus of The Environmental Forum of Marin