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Global Stewards - Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living

Daily Inspirational Quotes for the Cookie Jar!

Quotes on Sustainability, Nature and Animals, Spirituality, Courage and Loving Kindness

If you have a little free library, customer checkout/service counter, office desk or even a home kitchen counter where you would like to offer daily inspirational quotes:

Sustainable Living Daily Inspirational Quotes
  1. Buy a fun vintage glass cookie jar (dimensions of around 9" long and 5" wide works well)

  2. Label the lid with "Daily Inspirations"

  3. Print out quotes (PDF - over 50 pages) and fold in thirds before cutting along the lines between the quotes

  4. Enjoy sharing the quotes with others (or with yourself)!

  5. When the jar empties out, re-download the quotes PDF as new quotes are added about every 6 months